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Sailsea Dixon

Co-founder of Wild Iris Yoga and Wellness

"I wondered if the class would be worth my oh-so-precious time and what would I take away from this experience! I loved that I learned to shift my thinking ever so slightly and tap into some deeper understanding of myself and the situation. I'm not so triggered in my relationships and my thinking has changed. I would definitely recommend Jamie's classes and workshops; they are life-changing. She is there as a guide and gives you the freedom to come to your own understanding of any given situation. Taking the time to learn about ourselves and those we surround ourselves with is an incredible journey ... One I plan to continue. I'm grateful to her for her support and encouragement."

Mindy head shot

Mindy Watson

Owner of Empower Fitness

"I would highly recommend Jamie to females who are “stuck” or transitioning into a different phase of life. Professional females who are looking to increase their knowledge and skills on how to manage employees.  The most important thing to know about working with Jamie: she will challenge you. She will love and support you. She will help you achieve things in your life youʼd never think imaginable. She will hold you accountable but not to her, to your own goals and commitments. You will change, you will grow, you will be uncomfortable at times but it will be so worth the journey!"

cath mcintosh

Cathy McIntosh


"Jamie's niche of working with motivated women is perfect. We want to have it all.  Jamie helped me figure out what  “it all” really is on a very individual level. I love her unique training, we could talk about the divine and spiritual aspects of life down to the tactical day to day issues.  I have a renewed fun relationship with my husband, and I give myself permission to be more attentive to my hopes and dreams and find balance in my life. 

Clients need to commit to working with Jamie for a length of time. If they start feeling uncomfortable, they are likely breaking through on some level. Don’t quit before it gets good. " 

Brandolyn testimonial

Dr. Brandolyn Thran

Co-founder of Open-Gate Foundation (A Micobiologist turned STEM education advocate)

"I met Jamie sitting on a yoga mat. My head was jumbled, and I was feeling very lost in myself. Jamie gave me permission to step into my own kind of brilliance while teaching me some important psychological theories that helped me understand where I was, and where I could go. I learned how to not be so busy!!! I learned how to be present where my feet are, and to let there be space for creativity.  I have found peace in my own skin. I love Jamie's laugh and how vibrant she is.

I would recommend Jamie to smart, capable women who are feeling a little bit lost. Be ready to be challenged and face your fears. And, then have those fears take a backseat, grab the wheel, and put your pedal to the metal!"

angie garcia

Angie Garcia

Human Resources and Accounting Manager

"Jamie is a critical component in learning to be a better leader.  Her professionalism, and ability to work without judgment using real-life experiences enabled me to open up and trust her fully. I am a private person who has always been apprehensive about expressing my views and beliefs. Now, I am no longer afraid to be challenged or to challenge myself to overcome any outdated beliefs and preconceptions. I am able to use my voice with polish and collaborate on a higher level.  Without a doubt, I would recommend Jamie." 

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