Meet Jamie

Jamie Metz executive coaching

Hi, I’m Jamie….

I coach professional women and men. I help them create what they want to in their personal and professional lives.

In addition, I provide coaching for leaders in business and organizations.

I believe you can have what you want: family, money, success, beautiful friends, spiritual connection, adventure, time, and freedom.

If you don’t already have what you want already, it will require seeing and thinking differently.

I can help you do that.

If you own your own business, work for commission, lead a non-profit, or head a corporate department, coaching could be very valuable to you. In fact, it could be the most significant step you can take in your life.

Once you reached a certain level of achievement or life complexity, the people around you usually don’t have the tools or insights to support you. Coaching provides you with a trained thinking partner to explore what’s next, work through what's blocking you, hone communication skills, or even create an intimate relationship.

I pride myself on honoring my clients’ gifts and talents and creating a safe place where they can be vulnerable enough to explore any question or idea that might have value to them.

I don’t have an agenda for what you should want or what you should do.

I’m a vessel for insight on the obstacles that are getting in your way. And, I have the tools to move you toward your vision.

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How I got here…..

I came to coaching by accident. I was doing all the “right things,” that traditional wisdom and society say we should do, but I had a personal crisis. The tools I was using weren’t good enough to move through it.

My thinking was the problem.

I was stuck in thought patterns that weren’t evolving as my life got more complex. I committed to earning a non-traditional Master’s Degree program in Transpersonal Psychology, which focused on how the mind, body, and spirit interact to create and widen what a human is capable of.

I spent three years studying human potential, what is right about the human being. And I practiced by applying the concepts to my life.

Today, I use what I learned to help clients create what they want and step more fully into their gifts and talents.

I help them create the life they want by giving them more effective, energy efficient tools to create more with less time and effort.


Take the first step

If the idea of coaching resonates with you, call me. Let’s have a conversation about what you’re looking for.