Events & Programs

There are no more workshops scheduled for 2021 as Jamie will be taking another international walk during the fall of 2021.

In 2022, Jamie will be leading a group on an international walk.

If participating in this walk interests you, you may contact Jamie directly by sending her an email at to express your interest. She will send you the details as they become available.

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Sailsea Dixon

Co-founder of Wild Iris Yoga and Wellness

"I wondered if the class would be worth my oh-so-precious time and what would I take away from this experience! I loved that I learned to shift my thinking ever so slightly and tap into some deeper understanding of myself and the situation. I'm not so triggered in my relationships and my thinking has changed. I would definitely recommend Jamie's classes and workshops; they are life-changing. She is there as a guide and gives you the freedom to come to your own understanding of any given situation. Taking the time to learn about ourselves and those we surround ourselves with is an incredible journey ... One I plan to continue. I'm grateful to her for her support and encouragement."

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Amy Isaman

Author & Book/Writing Coach

"I loved the Brilliance program. Jamie did a beautiful job of creating a safe, non-judgmental and loving space. I loved that she encouraged us to write, go within, and share. It was a great mix. I've referred to my notes more than a few times, and I like that I have those to revisit as I captured my insights. I also really liked the personality profile system that Jamie shared. Having taught psychology and having a huge personal interest in personal growth/development, I've taken a ton of personality tests, but this was a new one. I like how it broke us down in a more 'cognitive' way in terms of how we approach tasks/challenges."

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