Mont Blanc: An Inspiring Journey on Foot, the Video

TOUR DU MONT BLANC, An inspiring story.
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My father passed away, and the next day I boarded a plane for a trip that had been planned for years. Heartbroken, I flew to Switzerland with four other of my family members to hike around the base of Mont Blanc, the highest peak in the European Alps. Our Mont Blanc experience, a story of Loss and Life, tells of three generations from one family’s ability to collaborate and commit.

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We ranged in age from 64 to 15 years old and not only undertook this strenuous journey, but we also recorded the experience using our cell phones. Without a lot of technical skills, phones in hand for cameras, we began our trek out of Les Houches, France September 1, 2019.

The experience proved to be more challenging and life-changing than we had imagined. Plans for our trip began in August 2017 when my niece, Summer, and I committed to a foreign adventure on foot. We decided that in two years we would undertake Touring Mont Blanc. With a plan in place, we invited all of our family members to join us. Three of them said yes. Summer’s mother and father, Sherry and Ken, and her 15-year-old nephew, Brady, joined the adventure.

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We hiked the gorgeous trek of 110 miles of mountain passes, steep inclines, tough declines, and charming mountain villages in 10 days, starting in Les Houches, France we crossed over into Italy and then into Switzerland, and back to Les Houches, France all by foot.

The story is told best on the videos. Enjoy!

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Jamie is a coach, writer, and avid walker. She has walked over 1000 miles in foreign countries to explore cultures and to become more comfortable in the world. She has an MA in Psychology and is interested in how we create more brilliant lives through collaboration models, creative thought, and a better understanding of life transitions.

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