Meet Jamie

Hi, I’m Jamie….

I live in Nevada with my husband, Roger. Coaching became my career more by a series of events than by consciously seeking it out. It also happened to be a logical transition after spending decades studying personal and human development.

I'm inspired every day by the transformations I witness in my clients' lives.

I've seen clients start new businesses, step into their family relationships with purpose and vision, and dare to design a unique vision for how they want to live and show up.

My clients gain clarity and find their voice daring to ask for what they actually want. Their relationships become more satisfying, and sometimes a few are let go and almost always new better fitting ones form.

When clients' thinking expands beyond conventional thought, they discover an unending evolution of who they could be and what they could create. In the process their communication gains strength, they discover their dreams aren't what they thought, and they design relationships, finances, and health for a lifetime, not just for tomorrow and the next day.

Seeing this happen is my passion, and other than my family, what I've committed my life to.

I specialize in working with private clients. I'm also currently writing a book title Boots: A Thousand Miles on Foot and in Life, and I occasionally teach workshops and accept speaking invitations.

Next year I will be offering a transformational walk in rural England for clients and people who are interesting in doing personal work.

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How I got here…..

When I was younger, did all the things I thought I was supposed to do. I earned a degree, bought a house, married, had children, and built a career.  It was exhausting.

My children began to marry, and I started my journey as a grandmother. As my life became more complex. Conventional tools didn't work well enough anymore. There wasn’t enough time or energy to borrow against to build more than I had and I started to see cracks in what I had built.

I needed more than the latest self-help book, more than formal education, and more than what I had been taught if I was going to play an exceptional long game.

My thinking needed to change and my perspective of being a woman needed to evolve. I left my social science teaching position and went back to school earning a master's degree in transpersonal psychology, in a way potential psychology, spending three years studying the mind-body connection and how to better utilize our brains. During that time, I completed a two-year coaching certificate, and I began walking long distances in foreign countries to challenge my thought processes.

I've walked across Spain, England, and Scotland, around Mont Blanc in the Alps, and am planning a walk along the Portugal Coast. I did this to understand how people advance beyond traditional thinking.

While re-educating myself, I came to value coaching as one of the most valuable transformative tools available and hung a shingle to coach others. I've been coaching for almost a decade, and I work with people from all over the United States. And, still, what I think most about is thinking! And how the slightest shift in thought reshape lives.

I’m a professional coach with reasonable fees, interested in sustainable transformation and healthy transitions.

Think about working with me if you’re interested in gaining clarity, challenging your thought processes, making a life transition, or creating exceptional relationships. 

Take the first step

If what I do interests you, the first step is for me to know what you want.  To have that discussion, book a free discovery session, by clicking the link below.