Personal Coaching

Guiding You to a Brilliant Life

How could coaching be useful to you?

You could use coaching to:

  • See options you haven’t seen before
  • Move beyond how you were taught to think
  • Create healthy intimate, family, and community relationships
  • Transition into the next step
  • Hone your communication and people skills
  • Find a solution for something that’s blocking you
  • Create the elements of your life that you feel are missing
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Why choose me for your coach?

  • You will very likely get the results you want, and probably more than you hoped for.
  • You will feel safe.
  • You will be one of a limited number of clients.
  • I won’t take you as a client unless I can help you have what you want.
  • I’m a trained educator, so I present ideas in an order and way that is useful. And, I have a master's degree in psychology.
  • I have a broad range of life experiences. Some of my most useful coaching tools and insights come from my struggles and failures as well as my successes.
  • I'm a trained CERTIFIED Coach
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What can you count on from me?

  • Confidentiality
  • Ability to be in any conversation that serves you
  • Timeliness
  • High integrity
  • Value for your time and money
  • Being continually aware of your objectives
  • Belief that you deserve and can have what you want
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To meet me...

Book a  discovery session to discuss what you are looking. Click the link below for information.

cath mcintosh

Cathy McIntosh


"Jamie's niche of working with motivated women is perfect. We want to have it all.  Jamie helped me figure out what  “it all” really is on a very individual level. I love her unique training, we could talk about the divine and spiritual aspects of life down to the tactical day to day issues.  I have a renewed fun relationship with my husband, and I give myself permission to be more attentive to my hopes and dreams and find balance in my life. 

Clients need to commit to working with Jamie for a length of time. If they start feeling uncomfortable, they are likely breaking through on some level. Don’t quit before it gets good. " 

Brandolyn testimonial

Dr. Brandolyn Thran

Co-founder of Open-Gate Foundation (A Micobiologist turned STEM education advocate)

"I met Jamie sitting on a yoga mat. My head was jumbled, and I was feeling very lost in myself. Jamie gave me permission to step into my own kind of brilliance while teaching me some important psychological theories that helped me understand where I was, and where I could go. I learned how to not be so busy!!! I learned how to be present where my feet are, and to let there be space for creativity.  I have found peace in my own skin. I love Jamie's laugh and how vibrant she is.

I would recommend Jamie to smart, capable women who are feeling a little bit lost. Be ready to be challenged and face your fears. And, then have those fears take a backseat, grab the wheel, and put your pedal to the metal!"

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I help clients get clear on what they want and support them to bring it into fruition.

Clients most often work with me to challenge their thinking, supporting life transitions, and building rich, satisfying relationships.

I have extensive training in human development. It enables me to meet people where they are each time we meet. I don’t use a system or a workbook.

I don’t hold people accountable in the traditional way people think of coaching. Those concepts are outdated. No two of my clients have ever been coached for the exact same thing or the exact same way.

No! I only work with private clients, so my loyalty and commitment are only to them.

I’m good at soft skills, communication, building relationships, mirroring people’s gifts, seeing what trips clients up, and uncovering possibilities. These are things that can be allusive.

To walk through fear and see what’s on the other side

To understand life stages and effectively transition

To be seen and dare to use their unique gifts and strengths

To create connection with people dear to them

To develop social skills and confidence in the world

They feel safe and have space to explore any topic. They can be vulnerable and say things they would never say out loud any place else. This is powerful and moves clients to where they want to go.

Yes. I work with both. I started out only working with women. As I’ve gotten older, I find my earlier work with women very useful to men.

Very!  Coaching is a dynamic vehicle to expand thinking beyond how we are conditioned to think. Even after years of being a coach, I marvel at how fast a person can make transitions through coaching.

I’m older, have a Master's degree, and am a trained educator. I’ve also failed a lot and have bounced back, learning a few things in the process. I’ve owned businesses, raised children, and have a meaningful marriage. I’ve also lost my entire net worth, struggled painfully with relationships that are dear to me, and have lost my health and couldn’t even walk around a city block.  I learned to think differently and have rebuilt my net worth in a more stable and resilient way, building rich relationships one of my strengths, and now I walk across countries as a hobby.

I have a Master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology, a Coaching Certificate, and BA in social sciences and education. I've taught leadership programs and regularly attend seminars and workshops.

Both. Most of my clients are in other states. We communicate using Zoom or phone. I can also meet with clients personally in my Elko, NV office if they live close.