Personal Coaching

Guiding You to a Brilliant Life

How could coaching be useful to me?

You could use coaching to:

  • See options you haven’t seen before
  • Move beyond how you were taught to think
  • Decide on a new career direction
  • Create healthy, intimate relationships
  • Hone your communication and people skills
  • Find a solution for something that’s blocking you
  • Create the elements of your life that you feel are missing with less effort then you use now
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Why choose me for your coach?

  • Clients get the results they want…often they get more than they ever hoped for.
  • I know they can have what they want both personally and professionally.
  • They feel safe.
  • I only take a limited number of clients, and value the clients that I commit to.
  • I’m a trained educator, so I present ideas in an order and way that is useful.
  • I have a broad range of life experiences. Some of my most useful coaching tools and insights come from my life struggles and failures as well as my successes.
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What can you count on from me?

  • Confidentiality
  • Ability to be in any conversation that serves you
  • Being on time
  • High integrity
  • Value for your time and money
  • Being continually aware of your objectives
  • Believing that you deserve and can have what you want
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There isn’t an easy quick answer to quoting the cost. I use a sliding scale. The cost depends on what you want and the length of time it will take to achieve it.

Step #1: If you think you might be interested, I’d like to visit with you for a few minutes over the phone.  This gives us both a chance to see if working together could be a good fit for you.

Step #2: If we think it is, we’ll schedule a complimentary coaching session to flesh out your goals and objectives. By the end of that session I’ll give you a price for what it will cost to have what you want.

cath mcintosh

Cathy McIntosh


"Jamie's niche of working with motivated women is perfect. We want to have it all.  Jamie helped me figure out what  “it all” really is on a very individual level. I love her unique training, we could talk about the divine and spiritual aspects of life down to the tactical day to day issues.  I have a renewed fun relationship with my husband, and I give myself permission to be more attentive to my hopes and dreams and find balance in my life. 

Clients need to commit to working with Jamie for a length of time. If they start feeling uncomfortable, they are likely breaking through on some level. Don’t quit before it gets good. " 

Brandolyn testimonial

Brandolyn Thran

Co-founder of Open-Gate Foundation (A Micobiologist turned STEM education advocate)

"I met Jamie sitting on a yoga mat. My head was jumbled, and I was feeling very lost in myself. Jamie gave me permission to step into my own kind of brilliance while teaching me some important psychological theories that helped me understand where I was, and where I could go. I learned how to not be so busy!!! I learned how to be present where my feet are, and to let there be space for creativity.  I have found peace in my own skin. I love Jamie's laugh and how vibrant she is.

I would recommend Jamie to smart, capable women who are feeling a little bit lost. Be ready to be challenged and face your fears. And, then have those fears take a backseat, grab the wheel, and put your pedal to the metal!"

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What do you do?

I help clients discover and create what they want. It’s always different. No two of my clients have ever been coached for the exact same thing.

Who are your clients?

I work primarily with business owners, professional women, and non-profit leaders.

Are you an executive coach?

Yes, I work with organization and business leaders.

How would you define your gifts as a coach?

I joke that I really only have one talent in life…..I’m crazy good at soft skills.

I’m a strong verbal communicator who knows how to  build relationships and connection, see people’s brilliance, and think creatively. These things tend to be allusive…they’re hard to put in box because they aren’t tangible. But, I can wrap them in a bow and giving them to people to use to use in their lives.

What do your clients want most often from coaching?

To change direction in their life and figuring out HOW? WHAT? WHEN?

To uncover what’s possible for them. People can sense that’s there’s more out there for them but they often can’t quite grab a hold of it.

To move through something hard or scary or frustrating

To connect with people more effectively

To building intimate, connected relationships…every woman wants this if they don’t have it

To feel confident

To develop presentation (or speaking in front of people) skills

To start a non-profit or a new business, or to take a brave new step in an existing business.

The courage to walk through fear to see what’s on the other side.

What do clients love about working with you?

Often my clients are leaders in one way or another and so somewhat isolated.

Conventional wisdom isn’t that useful to them anymore. 

Coaching gives them a thinking partner who’s primary skills is to expand another person’s range, perspective and options. They love that they have a safe, confidential environment that they can be vulnerable and explore new ways of being and thoughts. Sometimes my clients say things to me they have never told anyone.

Do you work with men?

Yes. But, I specialize in working with women. I have a talent for supporting the brilliance and gifts of women.

I do work with men on business projects or relationship soft skills.

(I’ve worked with some pretty amazing men who specifically wanted to work with me because……you guessed it….. I specialize in working with women….)

How effective is coaching in getting the results people want?

Very!  There is something magical about coaching …even after years of coaching, I marvel at how much a person’s life shifts, and how fast, through coaching.

What makes you an effective coach?

In short,  it’s because I’m older, but not old…and I’ve failed a lot and succeeded a lot.  I’ve figured some things out in the process.

For example, I’ve owned businesses, raised thriving children (now adults), have a successful marriage, and we also have lost our entire net worth and rebuilt it. I’ve struggled painfully with relationships that are dear to me, and I lost my health to where I couldn’t walk around a city block (now I walk across countries. )

I also have extensive experience as a teacher, a Master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology, and a Coaching Certification….and a lot of classes and workshops on the topic human potential.

What's your formal training?

I have a passion for all sciences involving how we learn and think.  I have a Master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology.

I’m a certified Coach.

I also have a BA degree in social science and education. And I've attended a lot of seminars and workshops and classes.

Do you work with clients over the phone or do you have an office?

Both. Most of my clients are in in other states so we use the phone.

It works great. I also meet with clients personally in my Elko, NV office if they live close.